Bath Teas

Bath Teas04We’re trying something new to add to our selection of bath products.  They’re called Bath Teas or Bath Sachets and they’re filled with botanical ingredients and wonderful things for the skin.  We love our tea parties here at Friendship Acres, so naturally we like to call them bath teas.  Just pop one of these tea bags into the bath and let the hot water take over.  One of our testers loved running the bath tea bag over her skin like a bath puff, especially with the oatmeal based bag.  She was the one who dubbed that mixture “Lavender Hill” because it had struck a comforting, nostalgic note in her memory.

So far we have these varieties and we’ll be unveiling them at the Elegant Farmer’s Farm Fair next weekend:

Lavender Hill:  An oatmeal-based bath tea with lavender flowers.

Lavender Cleanse:  Epsom Salt based with lavender.

Chamomile Cleanse:  Epsom Salt base with chamomile and rosemary.

Calendula Cleanse:  Epsom Salt base with the wonderful medicinal properties of calendula and the aromatherapy properties of Chamomile and lavender.

Lavender Living:  A milk-based bath tea with lavender.

Chamomile Calm:  Milk base with chamomile.

English Garden:  Milk base with rose and lavender.

Secret Garden:  Milk base with rose, lavender, chamomile and calendula.

IMG_9266One unexpected side benefit — most of the time, the bath tea melts away from the tea bag leaving just the botanical ingredients and can be dried out and used like a sachet (especially the lavender).

We’ll be selling these for the same price as our popular bath bombs and we hope you like them.

See you at the fair.





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